Salad Greens & Herbs

There has been a large amount of rain lately so many green vegetable crops have been ruined, resulting in a shortage / price hike of buying them at the supermarket. We eat a lot of spinach and lettuce so I thought I would try my hand at growing our own.

I ripped out the dead tomato plant and gave the soil a dig over with some compost. As this planter box is half under the eaves of the house, I need to make sure I remember to water it frequently.

I bought Some Yates Spinach –  Winter queen variety and Urban Gourmet Salad Greens. For the spinach, I’ll be planting them direct in the garden. I’ll need to feed them plant food every 2 weeks. I think I’m actually going to start putting these kind of tasks into my ical… otherwise is it guaranteed I won’t remember to do it.


The Salad greens are mixtures of lettuce seeds in a pellet. These will grow super fast so if I am organised, we will have a continual supply of lettuces and spinach for the winter.


The other half of the planter is now home to my herb garden. I have Basil (which has been in there for a couple of months), Coriander, Thyme, Rosemary and Italian Parsley. I have sage growing in a pot on the stairs. These were all looking very sad in their pots, but are already seeming much happier.


I’m going to start some of the pellets in these little pots just til they are big enough to plant in the garden. Then when they go into the garden, I will grow some more seedlings on the windowsill.



Growing Plants From Seed

A couple of months ago, the supermarket that I shop at weekly started a promotion called Little Garden where they gave away vegetable seedling kits for every $40 you spent on groceries. As I do my weekly family shop there, I accumulated a few over a few weeks.

Last month, I finally decided to plant them. I have never grown anything from seed before so I thought I should. Now I have a whole lot of seedlings sprouting!


Little Garden Seedlings sprouting on the deck

The first ones I have repotted are Cherry Tomatoes. I asked my dad for some tips on how to repot them. He told me to water the pot then to drop it on the ground to loosen the roots. Then once the roots are loosened, slowly ease the plants out of the soil, handling them by the stems and not the leaves. Once they are in the pots, water them and add some wet paper towels as mulch so they don’t dry out. I managed to plant 7 of them so when they get a bit bigger I will be planting some of them in the garden.


Cherry Tomato Seedlings

The next ones to be planted in the garden will be the spinach, lettuce and rocket, followed by all the herbs. I have also planted some capsicum seeds and zucchini seeds too so will see how they go. Apparently zucchini plants are pretty massive so will have to find somewhere to plant them.