5 months later

Another post after 5 months of no posts. I’ve been posting regularly on my instagram though so that’s something. The summer was actually pretty productive in the garden but also, as usual only got a third of the things I wanted to do, done in that time. But in general, I’m pretty happy with things. I grew lots of flowers throughout the summer, mostly mixed wildflowers and stock, and grew spinach, lettuce, capsicums, potatoes, strawberries and chillies. I also let my basil go to seed so all my pots are filled with tiny basil plants.


On a personal note

Over the next couple of months, I’m still going to be posting about the garden and how it’s going, but I’m also going to start to write about making soap, bath soaks, gardening, nature and self care stuff.  Over the last few months I have used gardening, journalling and soap making as forms of therapy. Between July and January, we went through some rough times as a family with the loss of 2 pregnancies. We also lost my grandfather to prostate cancer. Things weren’t great for a while, but with the help of supportive family, friends and each other we got through it.

After our second loss, I was admitted to hospital with complications and an infection. The day I was discharged, a social worker came to see me. She told me that in Korea, they have a belief that you need to cry out all the sadness through tears, in order to refill with fresh water. This thought stuck with me as I recovered, and enabled me to go through a lot of sadness in order to be able to feel ok again and move on from things.

As someone who has experienced depression in the past, I was conscious that in order to be able to grieve and heal I needed to look after myself and really listen to what I was feeling, thinking and needing. Also, being a mum and having a little boy to look after, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to “pour from an empty cup”.

This is where Mindfulness has come in. Just reminding myself to be in the now has been both difficult and rewarding. I’m nowhere enlightened or any kind of zen master or anything, but I am consciously just trying to be more present. This is also why soap making and gardening have become more ingrained in my life.

I read an article that said that working with your hands or making things could change your brain chemistry, and I really think it is super true. If you’re stuck in an office or at home or, just generally feeling a bit flat, tired or unmotivated, put 30 minutes into making something and it will start to lift your mood.

My intention with this blog is to not only have it as a place where I can write about my garden but also share my passions, creations and projects and also as a way to hold myself accountable to living seasonally, looking after myself and being as aligned with the world and myself as possible. I really want to make an effort to live a more balanced and healthy life both in mind and body.

Here’s to setting intentions and posting more regularly. 

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