Natural soap making

Over the last few months I have grown a whole lot of Calendula and Chamomile, and harvested Calendula and Lavender from each of my parent’s gardens in order to get enough dried material together to start making my own soap. It’s something I have always wanted to try doing and now that I am set up with everything I need, I finally took the plunge and made my first batch this week.

Making soap is daunting because you have to use a chemical called Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) in order to make the soap. It is a very caustic and dangerous chemical so there is a lot you need to do in order to make sure you are safe and that nothing goes wrong.

I’m not going to do a DIY instructional post on the process, as there are many other great posts and videos out there already.

The first resource I looked at was The Nerdy Farm Wife. There is so much info here for beginning soap makers including her E book, which I purchased. One of the main reasons I chose this book was because all the recipes are Palm Oil free. Part of why I wanted to make soap myself was because I wanted to create something organic, palm free and vegan for sensitive skin.

I also made sure I watched lots of videos of people making soap to really get familiar with the process. The video I found the most useful was this one on The King’s Roost channel. It goes through the whole process as well as the safety aspects in detail.

So yeah, first batch is currently in the cupboard, curing for the next 6 weeks. I will be making more this coming week, more calendula and chamomile but also a lavender and chamomile soap as well. Excited to finally be doing it 🙂


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