Determination really does pay off.

It’s coming to the end of October, and I can honestly say that my garden has never been as good as it is now in terms of the amount of vegetables and flowers I have been able to grow AND maintain.

I have been really inspired by following a bunch of New Zealand Gardeners on Instagram and seeing how they do things. It’s made me realise that I have learned so much over the past year and I actually feel as though I can call myself a gardener now!

There’s no doubt that over winter it was incredibly wet. This meant not being able to mow our lawn for probably 3 months. We ended up with more of a meadow than a lawn, which I think the bees appreciated!

Antipodean Garden Meadow Lawn

In the last couple of months I have started growing Lavender, Chamomile, Calendula and Lemon balm to use for making soaps and bath soaks. It all started when I saw all the Calendula at my dad’s place and started researching it’s properties. I’ve always been into things like Aromatherapy and botanical based products, so I thought I would start making my own.

Antipodean Garden Calendula
The Calendula plants at my dad’s place.

I have harvested a whole lot of calendula and Lavender so far from each of my parent’s houses while my plants grow in order to make the first batch of soap in the next week or so. I’ve decided to use recipes that don’t contain any palm oil, which I sourced from a website called the Nerdy Farm Wife. If you are interested in soap making, check it out cos it’s a great site.

Antipodean Garden Calendula
Potting up the Calendula
Antipodean Garden Chamomile Calendula and vegetable garden
Lots of spinach, kale and carrots in the garden.

I have heaps of calendula and chamomile seedlings outside now next to the vegetable garden. I have been researching ideas for the actual garden raised beds so in a couple of weeks I will be building them! First thing I have to do though is kill off the grass. Easiest way to go would be weedkiller, and then covering the area in cardboard to cut off the light so I think this may be the way I go… There might be a gentler way though so am still looking into it.

Antipodean Garden Lawn
Future site of my raised beds for all my herbs and flowers.

The strawberries, potatoes and salad green garden are thriving and I am starting to reap the rewards by being able to walk outside and pick lettuce and spinach every night. I have some more seedlings growing too so I’ll be able to replenish my plants in time for summer salad season.

What have you got growing in your vegetable patch at the moment?

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