Spring Planting

After a couple of weeks of being sick and having endless days of heavy rain, I finally got outside and started planting.


My vegetable garden is going really well. Only thing not so well are a couple of the spinach plants which have been absolutely nailed by all the hail we have been having the last few days. Eventually, there is going to be heaps of spinach and Kale for salads and smoothies as well as lettuce and carrots. Today I added to the food collection by planting my early season potatoes and my strawberries.

Tui Garden Products sent me the potato kit which was really great. I have never grown potatoes so was keen to get started.  I followed their How To Grow Potatoes guide. After having the seed potatoes sprouting in a tray on my breakfast bar for a few weeks, I bought big planting tub from Kings Plant Barn for around $14, and planted 5 seed potatoes. I used my leftover Dalton’s Vegetable mix, and the Tui potato food and seed potatoes.

Next on the list was getting my strawberries in the ground. Last year my strawberries were a disaster after getting sun damaged and then getting overtaken by insects. The year before my harvest was eaten by ants. I got a couple of tub buckets for $3 each from a Dollar Store up at the local shops and drilled a bunch of drainage holes in the bottom.

I filled each one with a mix of Tui Strawberry mix and Strawberry food, and planted 3 to a bucket. I somehow ended up with one slightly older plant so that one will probably be a little bit ahead of the others. I have put them in a nice spot next to my vegetable garden.


My herb garden is still in a bunch of pots but I have added a couple of new additions. I managed to get a couple of established Mint and Lemon Balm plants. I’m also growing Lavender, Chamomile and Calendula. I decided to plant these from seed as I am going to need quite a lot for a project I am working on. My front window is bursting with seed trays!


Last but not least, I have sewn some trays of wild flowers, and planted some established Lavender and some Sweet Peas in some large containers that I got for my birthday. Since my backyard is a mud pit, I ended up slipping over while trying to man handle the potting mix into the pots. Not only did I get covered in mud, but the pretty white pots did too, so I’ll be cleaning those up before putting them on the deck.


And there you have it! It just takes some motivation and some planning and time, but once I get out there and do things I always feel really good. I’m looking forward to seeing some blooms when it gets hotter, and explore where is best in my garden for a more permanent flower and herb garden.



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