The clean up starts

Over the last week I have been looking at the state of the garden and starting to plan the big clean up. There are weed filled potted succulents, weed filled garden beds and hundreds of big, orange liquid amber tree leaves. This afternoon I managed to get outside during my son’s nap and weed the pots by the front door, and sweep the leaves. I also disposed of our rotting door mat and replaced it with a sturdier rubber one. Not very pretty but will do for the short term.


I also hacked away at some very overgrown tropical impatiens growing out of the broken retaining wall.

Drainage is an issue here, and a drain layer will be coming over the next couple of weeks or so to assess exactly what we need to do to fix it so we can renovate the downstairs area of our house. Drainage will also be an issue for my cut flower garden, so at the end of July I am going to start the process of getting the clay into a better state. Will need to do some research on clay soil.


I also stumbled across this pretty yellow flower. It’s probably a weed, but still, very pretty 🙂




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