Autumn Recap

Autumn is my favourite season as after being so hot and humid for so long, it’s a relief to have some cooler weather. It’s been a pretty rainy autumn for us this year, and some freak heavy rain has caused more than a few issues.


Gardening I got done this season:

  • Harvested over 100 Feijoas from our tree.
  • Planted some pittosporums along the back fence.
  • Fed and mulched the lemon tree.
  • Planted a herb garden.
  • Planted Spinach and Lettuce seedlings.
  • Tidied up the garden shelves in the garage.

I know it doesn’t look like much but it has been the most I have done since before I had my now 20 month old son. I’m feeling pretty good about it and am about to plan out what I’m going to do in spring.

The garage now has a tidy garden shelf.

Things I didn’t do but wanted to:

  • Planted Rannunculus bulbs – Not sure if too late now, still not sure where I can plant these as need to get the soil sorted.
  • Weeded more.
  • Get rid of the broken plant pot graveyard out the back.
  • Plant Clivias in the border garden where I removed those ferns.

I have been very inspired by reading Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden by Erin Benzakein. Erin has been a flower farmer for 10 years and has written this amazing book all about how to grow, harvest and arrange seasonal flowers. I love it so much! I’m going to have a good look around outside and decide where I am going to grow some flowers this year. I’d really like to plant 3 kinds of flowers and some misc foliage plants so I can do a pop up flower stall in summer maybe.

The succulents on my deck are still in pretty good shape (mostly).

Winter will be a lot of cleaning up, and planning and getting soil and compost ready for flowers and vegetables later in the year.





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