My sad lemon tree

The Lemon tree at the front of our house was planted a few years before we moved in I think. It has mostly been awesome, however lately it’s been looking a bit sad.


The soil here is clay, which means there isn’t much nutrition in the ground for the tree, plus the tree has to compete with the very aggressive lawn. Our lawn is mostly made up of Kikuyu which I try to cull as best as I can.


My Lemon tree also has developed what I think is Lemon Verrucosis , so is not a happy tree at all. There’s nothing I can do about that until after it has finished fruiting unfortunately. Then it will be a case of removing affected fruit, twigs and leaves and using a copper spray of some sort.



To make the lemon tree a bit happier, I dug up all the grass around it, and covered it with very well rotted compost. I then mixed up some epsom salts and watered to the drip line. Today will be giving it a good feed. The fruit will be edible, but I won’t be able to zest the lemons.

The other trees in the garden need a bit of TLC too so will hopefully get to tend to them today too.







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