Cherry Tomato Mania

When I last posted in November, I had started the process of growing vegetables from seed. Sadly, most of the crops didn’t do very well, but the cherry tomatoes were great! I ended up with 7 plants initially, so I decided to plant 2 of them and give the others away.

I prepared the soil well and looked after the plants well at first, however, life just took over and I kind of just let them grow wild.


As you can see the plants grew insanely tall, which meant I unfortunately had to restake them. We also had a couple of severe summer storms that resulted in the larger of the two plants being completely blown over. I managed to save it though and re staking didn’t seem to worry the plants one bit.


After the storms, the rain kept coming. As a result, my tomatoes, not being used to having so much water, swelled up and split. I still ended up eating them but they had to be used reasonably quickly.

Once the rain cleared up, I noticed grey/black coloured splotches creeping up the limbs of the plant. Blight. I managed to harvest about 50 or so cherry tomatoes before the blight took over, so was quite proud of my little harvest in the end.

not all of them, but a few of the harvested tomatoes.

All in all, it was a good experience, however there was a lot I should have done but didn’t due to inexperience.

Mistakes I made:

  • I forgot to put snail pellets in the garden, so my marigolds were gone in 2 days.
  • I wasn’t as vigilant as I could have been with plucking the arterial leaves which would have meant my plants would have grown in a more productive way.
  • I was pretty forgetful when it came to feeding and watering them, and probably didn’t do this enough.

If you’re thinking of growing tomatoes of any kind in the future here are some great resources:

  • Tui Garden’s How to Guide for growing tomatoes has all the basics, plus product recommendations to help ensure a successful harvest.
  • 6 Easy-to-grow cherry tomato varieties
  • Annabelle Langbein’s tomato growing tips and some a useful chart for how to choose what varieties to grow based on the various ways we eat them.
  • Yates guide to solving tomato problems, however I don’t necessarily agree with the last part!
  • A How to guide for growing organic tomatoes.


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