Vegetable Garden

Since labour weekend I have been getting my raised garden bed ready for use again. The summer before last, I grew strawberries there, but what I didn’t know was that underneath the garden was a massive ants nest. My strawberries started ripening so I put the bird nets over the garden.  One day I lifted the net to have a good look, and ants had eaten most of the berries!

I managed to get rid of the ants nest, but as pregnancy and then looking after a baby took over my life, a pile of weeds took over the garden bed.

I’ve had a compost bin in the garden for a few years but hadn’t looked in it for about 2 years at all. I opened the lid to find a full bin of amazing compost. It was absolutely perfect.

Making compost is a worthwhile process. It may take a while but it’s a lot cheaper than buying it.
I lugged compost in my grandfather’s old wheelbarrow.


Once I had mixed the soil and compost together, I figured out what I was going to plant. I had quite a bit to choose from so in the end I decided on Cherry tomatoes, marigolds, lettuce, spinach, basil and rocket.

Planting Cherry Tomatoes, Marigolds, Spinach, Lettuce, Basil Rocket

I grew cherry tomatoes in pots a few summers ago, so I still had some wire frames in the garage. As the plants get taller, I will use ties to make sure the tomato plant grows straight up and has good support.

Vegetable garden – Tomatoes, marigolds, spinach, lettuce, basil and rocket.

Now I just need to look after it and keep it watered and it should take off in no time. Next on the list is planting the herb garden and finding somewhere to plant my zucchini plant as they get quite big. I also have some chilli and capsicum seeds germinating at the moment, so will have to find some nice bright pots to plant them on the deck.

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