Clearing dead ladder ferns

Ok so for ages I have gone out onto our deck, and looked out over a garden full of dead ladder ferns that were killed off way back in April. On the day back in May where we did a massive clear out, we ran out of time and this garden sat neglected over winter.

Today I went out there to finish painting the balustrade on our deck and thought “fuck it, today we are going to finally clear that garden”. So we did.

It took about an hour, and we had to get the large fork out to pull a bunch of the stuck roots out, but it all came out pretty easily. I’m sure all the bugs who have been living happily in the garden got a massive shock. We completely filled the whole garden bag, and now have a massive pile of garden waste (again!) to get rid of.

Mega pile of garden waste to get rid of.
Snail in my garden.

So now we have a nice empty garden waiting to be filled with some awesome plants. The garden doesn’t get much sun at all, it is mostly completely shaded and dry, so whatever I put in there has to love the shade. The soil is pretty good, as I think was bought from somewhere and tipped into the planters. The soil on our property is mostly clay but this seems more like top soil from a garden centre.

Since the area is mostly dry shade, it will probably be something like Clivia  and/or Astelia. So if you have any ideas for what I should plant in my lovely shade garden next to the fence, let me know.



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